All scenarios featured in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or incidents is purely coincidental. Policing, however, is very real. The officers in the game are real officers and many of them will have dealt with the type of scenarios included.

The Game Won't Work On My Device?

#FitTheBill is built using HTML5 and runs in most modern browsers on phones, tablets and desktop computers. Please try updating your browser to ensure compatibility.

The game won't get past the loading screen?

#FitTheBill requires an internet connection for your first play, so make sure you have a stable connection and try again.

I answered every question right but didn't get the highest score?

In order to make the game closer to reality the questions you're faced with are randomised. Just like how no two days in the police are the same. This means that sometimes you can't always hit the highest score in the game, but if you keep trying you'll get there!

How Do I apply to be a police officer?

Great news! Simply click here to find out more.

Who made this game?

#FitTheBill was made by Teaboy Games, you can find out more about them here.


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